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Technological capabilities

This type of refining involves veneering with a thin layer of paper another - thicker one (e.g. solid or corrugated cardboard, so called microwave).

Dry pressing.
It involves highlighting certain elements, adds an extra, three-dimensional effect.

It is carried out using a special metal foil and convex dies. The dies are heated up to very high temperature. Reflection of the model on the dies takes place after coming into contact with the groundwork. As a rule, gold and silver foil is used for the purpose (although it does not exclude other colors). This method is primarily aimed at raising the aesthetic value of packaging and is to influence on gaining greater attention. It is a great way to increase the aesthetics of the package.

Dispersion varnish coating.
This method of varnishing is first of all to protect print against any smearing. There are two options: gloss or matt. Depending on the type of paint used, it may give delicate gloss or matt.

UV varnish coating.
This type of varnishing significantly increases the aesthetic value of the package, label or folder. Just like dispersion varnish it comes in two versions: matt and glossy (gloss is used most commonly). After applying the varnish noticeable lightening or tarnishing appears. There is a possibility of applying varnish using two methods: total or selective. Thanks to the selective application of paint we can significantly gloss up some elements.
Special varnishes coating – e.g. structural, blister, relief (convex).
Type of the applied varnish depends on purpose.

It consists of cardboard lamination with glossy or matt foil. This type of refinement is to increase the aesthetic value as well as to make the groundwork more rigid and protect it against the effects of mechanical, chemical actions or moisture. At high weights cardboard (for folders, carrier bags and packaging) it helps to avoid the risk of cracking bends. Very often foiling is used as a base for UV varnishing. Thanks to it we reach the effect of emphasizing the matt of background and gloss of some graphics elements.