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Quality Management System

We provide our customers with the right, systemically administered realization of all business processes affecting the quality of services in accordance with the Quality Management System according to ISO series 9001: 2015 guarantees the monitoring of all processes in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, improvement and adaptation to the constantly changing market conditions and technological and to changing customer requirements.

Adding to this value are taken in order to meet the increasing and specific expectations of customers domestically and internationally.

Exceptional importance in our business take:

  1. knowledge, analysis and meeting the needs and expectations of customers,
  2. striving to achieve compliance of the product delivered in accordance with the art of printing, customer requirements and the requirements under the law,
  3. continually improving the quality of services provided,
  4. implementing effective and efficient development policies in the plane of the organizational, technological and technical support including modern printing machines,
  5. selection of qualified and reliable partners, subcontractors, suppliers of raw materials and materials,
  6. Establishing plans, review the objectives, tasks and the quality of their implementation,
  7. continuous improvement of human potential.

We declare the joint development and implementation of quality policies through informed participation crew Printing in service delivery and continuous improvement of the process.

These aims are pursued by the commitment of management and employees in the maintenance and improvement of the Quality Management System according to PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015.

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