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GENERAL DATA regarding files preparation for Print Cycero CTP

Capabilities of CTP Screen – 8100 B1:

  1. Resolution: 2400
  2. ruling: 120, 133, 150, 175 for screen TF1-024SQ01M
  3. ruling: 210 for screen TF1-724SQ01H
  4. standard screening angles: Cyan-15, Magenta-45, Yellow-90, Black-75

IMPORTANT – it is possible to revise angles ex. C15 M75 Y90 K45

The form of files preparation without bearing anyadditional costs for closing files opened to edition
(provided in one of the following programmes: Corel, Adobe Illustrator, Free Hand, Quark – according to
the app. ‘How and when you can provide open data files’)

Files accepted to direct exposure:

  1. *.pdf composite (preferred) – with conservation of spot colours (pantone)
  2. *.ps / *.prn composite (preferably for CTP Print Cycero controller available on our ftp server) with conservation of spot colours (pantone)
  3. *.ps unseperated – admissible
  4. In case of imposition of multi pages works all the pages should be prepared one by one in thesame order as in the finished product. Each page with profiled bleed 2-3 mm. Moreover, anyadditional colours (if appear) should be included. Selective varnish and cutting lines should bemarked out with an additional spot colour described as “overprint”

IMPORTANT!!! – it is crucial to centre the *.pdf files and to make sure that:

  1. Every project, before converting to pdf file, hasto be written in net size and included in a document.
  2. Bleeds (2-3 mm) are outside the net size and should be included in *.pdf file by using an appropriate “bleed limit”
  3. Any punches, varnishes, hot-stamping and embossing should be vectored (not in bitmaps) in *.pdf file along with the graphics. It is acceptable to send it in a separate file but with identical
    settings and always overprinted with spot (pantone) colour.

IMPORTANT!!! - *.pdf or *.ps / *.prn files have to include:

  1. Full or shortened company name
  2. Full or shortened name of the project
  3. EAN code (if there is any)
  4. Code of the product or customer (if there is any)

Obligatory technical description (IMPORTANT!!!: if there is no description work might be held until
is provided):

  1. name
  2. code, number (if there is any)
  3. net size
  4. gross size or defined profiled bleed (standard 2-3 mm)
  5. size of so called ‘paper-film’ for *.ps / *.prn files (add 16 mm margin from each side to net size)
  6. colours used in a document [additional spot colours (pantone)] / cutting lines + hotstamping - spot colour with description
  7. required resolution + ruling + screening angles used inprovided Cromaline or request to make Cromaline according to given parameters (standard CTP in Print Cycero is 2540 dpi / 150 lpi C1 M45 Y90 K75)
  8. FOGRA and other colour stripes: please do not point out

IMPORTANT – order of format description defines whether itis Landscape or Portrait during exposure e 505 x 710 mm is Portrait, 710 x 505 is Landscape. It simplifies eventual files rotation without the need of additional RIP.

Ftp information (login, password): sent by email after completing all formal aspects of the order.

After uploading files please send information to biuro@printcycero.pl and dtp@printcycero.pl or to a 
person you communicate with that there is a new project (including name of the customer and project).