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Each package made by us is tailored to the client's expectations.
We support both creation and construction solutions. There are many ways to distinguish your product on the market, e.g.:

  1. individual shape,
  2. hot stamping - any color metallic foil,
  3. UV coating (full or topical),
  4. mat or gloss foil lamination,
  5. marking into Braille letters,
  6. windows made by foil.

We produce cardboard packages for both food, footwear and industrial sector. Cardboard packaging boxes are made to the parameters exactly matched to the specific character of product. Their rich layout can be refined with printing varnish, UV coating partially or over the entire surface, embossing selected parts, hot-stamping.
If you wish, on any packaging, we can put a protection in the form of a security hologram.

Corrugated packaging belongs to the elite of packing. They are characterized by high strength and durability and perfectly protect products e.g. during transport and storage while maintaining full aesthetic value of offset print. Distinctive quality of corrugated packages is possibility to apply decorative veneers, combined with high-quality corrugated cardboard. This combination of raw materials allow to get the unique nature of products, giving them signs of exclusivity. There is a possibility of refining products surface by:

  1. partial or whole surface varnishing with dispersion or UV varnish,
  2. embossing selected areas of print,
  3. applying hot-stamping.