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Advertising materials

At your request, catalogs and leaflets can be enriched by elegant UV coating or hot-stamping and embossing. We realize how important showcase of the company are promotional materials. We make every effort to ensure that the products manufactured by us help in building positive image of our clients.

We offer printing wall calendars, single and multi-board, trigeminal, pocket, standing, and planners. Excellent print quality and a wide range of surface refining such as UV varnishing or hot-stamping make them an excellent medium for advertising throughout the whole year and a nice decoration of offices as well as business and private spaces.

The innovative combination of hot-stamping, varnishing and embossing, allows us to create for you a unique brochures. Brochures are an excellent medium of information on products and services. Our brochures attract client’s attention thanks to their creative solutions.

Practical and very common form of advertising, especially during a direct presentation of the product. To meet your expectations we have created the basis of standard media, but we also make individual projects on our client’s request. Products features rich layout, wide range of surface refining using hot-stamping, partial or over the entire surface UV varnishing and pressing.

The offered minicatalogue is a simple, handy and cheap form of advertising. Included with the product does not need to involve additional financial resources for the propagation of this form of advertising. It can contain any text according to your needs: product information, occasional wishes or other relevant texts. Minicatalogues’ biggest advantage is their cost-effectiveness. Pages of minicatalogues are crest glued, not sewn with wire. We provide rich layout and high quality workmanship.


We are able to realize any unusual order for printing of advertising materials. They include stands, wobblers, etc. Their graphic form only sets our and your imagination.