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FSC CoC - Chain of Custody

We provide our clients: business community, government, or to the final consumer a guarantee that products sold with an invoice or the FSC label come from properly managed forests and controlled sources. The FSC CoC allows you to track the way they have gone out of the forest products, including each stage of processing, transformation, manufacturing and trading, where the transition to the next stage of the supply chain involves a change of ownership.

Through the development and implementation of the management system of Custody guarantee effective control at each stage of the production process and identify the sources of the materials used for production.

Certificate of Custody FSC facilitates the transparent flow of goods made in properly managed forests and controlled sources. It contains information on the evaluated sites, processes and raw material groups from which these products may originate, and references to standards Custody FSC used for evaluation by accredited by the FSC accreditation bodies.

The validity of the FSC and list of product groups FSC is available at www.info.fsc.org.

Our printing wants to raise awareness of social and environmental sustainability while supporting responsible forest management worldwide.

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